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How does the player interact with an LG Smart TV
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Will this player work with my dual band wi-fi network, specifically on the 5ghz band? If not is there another player that will
Questions with Most Recent Answers
Is the BP540 only usuable through a computer network?
unlike my older LG Blu-Ray, the BP540 I just bought does not have audio input connection so I can't connect it to my Hitachio sound bar.
How do you re-install Netflix app on BD540
How do I access Picasa to view our pictures?
I have a BD650 blue ray dvd player. The disk is stuck inside the player so t does not play and disk does not come out.

Blu-ray Players Q & A

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How do you find the MAC address?
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I'm trying to get my NEW dvd to work.---DP132
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