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can I record a tv show with this player?
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I cannot get my recently purchased LG BP530 to recognize my iPod Classic when I select music on the blu ray player. Any suggestions?
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Why would an LG BP330 play DVDs and Blu-rays perfectly, except that the sound cuts out for a half second every twenty to sixty seconds?
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Does this LG BluRay player play condensed DVDs?
Recent Question:
I have hooked up player and it will not show movie in color, only black and white. What do I need to do ?
Questions with Most Recent Answers
How can the multi-angle pop-up be disabled?
How does the player interact with an LG Smart TV
Will this player work with my dual band wi-fi network, specifically on the 5ghz band? If not is there another player that will
I'm trying to get my NEW dvd to work.---DP132

Blu-ray Players Q & A

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Can I Add Redbox to My Blu-Ray Player? It Has Netflix
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Does the BP530 have Amazon Prime
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Will the smart tv work if the tv isn't a smart tv
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How to program my remote to work the volume on my tv
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How do I get the USB to work?
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Recent Question:
I'm trying to get my NEW dvd to work.---DP132
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