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Most Recent Questions
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Installation Configuration - Further clarification regarding rear wall hook-ups requested.
Recent Question:
I have propane not natural gas, will it affect performance?
Recent Question:
f 3 appears on the control panel. How can I fix this problem?
Recent Question:
Cleaning Oven Racks
Recent Question:
there will be a gap at the back of this slide in range and the wall. is there a stainless steel filler strip for this?
Questions with Most Recent Answers
Does the LDE3035SW cooktop automatically shut off after a certain period of time?
What are the power requirements?
What is the function of the split rack, besides perhaps more place for multiple dishes in oven? There's nothing in the owner's manual about it.
Stubborn stains
Does the range work during a power outage?

Ranges & Ovens Q & A

5 Questions : 4 Answers
Recent Question:
How do you get the door of the lower oven apart to clean it if something was spilled in the vent?
40 Questions : 44 Answers
Recent Question:
why does the bottom oven bake faster than the bake time specifies?
46 Questions : 43 Answers
Recent Question:
What are the differences between the LSRG309ST Studio and the LRG3097ST? They appear identical.
29 Questions : 23 Answers
Recent Question:
Is LDG3035ST a convection oven
80 Questions : 97 Answers
Recent Question:
The Owner's Manual says the serial number is located behind the control panel, how do I access it?
45 Questions : 73 Answers
Recent Question:
Is there a pot/pan storage drawer?
15 Questions : 22 Answers
Recent Question:
Electric Range Model LRE3021ST- IntuiTouch dials-What do they display? Lo Med Hi, or are their numbers?
3 Questions : 2 Answers
Recent Question:
Why didn't my range come with a meat probe?
6 Questions : 8 Answers
Recent Question:
do these ranges come with a broiler pan and grid?
122 Questions : 134 Answers
Recent Question:
where do i find the serial #
11 Questions : 12 Answers
Recent Question:
Wearing of the "dots" on the surface on the LG LRE3083SW?
4 Questions : 2 Answers
Recent Question:
do you have a griddle/grill that fits this middle burner?
7 Questions : 3 Answers
Recent Question:
Can aluminum foil be used in the LDE3035ST electric double oven
35 Questions : 56 Answers
Recent Question:
does LRE3083ST have a broiler or grill?
6 Questions : 4 Answers
Recent Question:
Does model # LDE3031ST have the hidden element in the lower oven?
4 Questions : 1 Answers
Recent Question:
oven light
9 Questions : 9 Answers
Recent Question:
Is this range still available in Houston, Texas
10 Questions : 5 Answers
Recent Question:
Why is LG's defect warranty only 7 days compared to industry standard of 30?
27 Questions : 30 Answers
Recent Question:
Is the broiler in the oven or under the oven in a lower drawer?
45 Questions : 48 Answers
Recent Question:
How do I clean my new lg stainless steel range?
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