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Most Recent Questions
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can it be vented out the back of the unit to the outside?
Recent Question:
How is the Charcoal Filter changed (what steps, how often)?
Recent Question:
Is this oven available for international shipping? is it compatible electronically to function outside USA?
Recent Question:
Is there a 36" kit for this microwave
Recent Question:
Need exact exterior dimensions of microwave (LCSC1513ST)
Questions with Most Recent Answers
what is the mfg part number for turnable tray support?
Broken glass tray
Is the mechanism for the turntable recessed?
How do I clean inside of door?
ExtendaVent 2

Microwave Ovens Q & A

72 Questions : 108 Answers
Recent Question:
Can this product be Direct Vented to the Outside
101 Questions : 107 Answers
Recent Question:
LG LMV1813ST top vent moisture
89 Questions : 96 Answers
Recent Question:
Where the exhaust hole in microvawe, on the back on the top? thanks
70 Questions : 85 Answers
Recent Question:
Where does this vent
62 Questions : 77 Answers
Recent Question:
Microwave LMV1683 nightlight
57 Questions : 49 Answers
Recent Question:
Is the light source of this unit an LED strip?
33 Questions : 33 Answers
Recent Question:
Is it safe to use aluminum foil in the pizza oven?
19 Questions : 28 Answers
Recent Question:
does this model have an Exprees cook feature?
22 Questions : 25 Answers
Recent Question:
can I download a copy of the manual for LMHM2017BT
21 Questions : 24 Answers
Recent Question:
How much space should you leave between the top of the cooktop and the bottom of the microwave?
15 Questions : 22 Answers
Recent Question:
20 Questions : 21 Answers
Recent Question:
Can the vent fan be run indepently of the microwave itself?
23 Questions : 19 Answers
Recent Question:
Does the LSRM2010ST have TrueCookPlus?
14 Questions : 17 Answers
Recent Question:
What is the required minimum distance between the bottom of the LMHM2017ST microwave and the top of the gas range LRG2095ST?
11 Questions : 12 Answers
Recent Question:
what doe round cavity mean LGLCRT1513ST
13 Questions : 12 Answers
Recent Question:
Built in Micro wave
12 Questions : 9 Answers
Recent Question:
what is the minimum height from the range top to the bottom of the microwave?
6 Questions : 7 Answers
Recent Question:
What is the item number and where can I get a back plate?
18 Questions : 6 Answers
Recent Question:
Trim kit mk1527
8 Questions : 5 Answers
Recent Question:
what is the mfg part number for turnable tray support?
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