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Most Recent Questions
Recent Question:
The dehumidifier is on and flashing H then 1 and does nothing else filter is clean bucket is empty . Thanks
Recent Question:
Why is my unit not draining through the drain hose? Still filling bucket instead.
Recent Question:
How do i hookup the external drain connector
Recent Question:
will unit automatically shut off when temperature drops below 40 degrees in my crawl space
Recent Question:
can i make this continuous?
Questions with Most Recent Answers
Where may I buy a new drain hose connection?
I received this dehumidifier second hand but I do not have the owner's manual. How could I get the owner's manual? And any other instructions.
Moisture on top of unit?
the hose is not draining the water collected
how do I set my LD651EBL Dehumidifier on continuous drainage?

Dehumidifiers Q & A

59 Questions : 84 Answers
Recent Question:
Why has moisture begun to collect on top of the unit ?
72 Questions : 78 Answers
Recent Question:
I have a 65 pint LG dehumitifier that is 2 years old. It runs but will not collect moisture. What is my problem and is it reasonably fixed?
54 Questions : 64 Answers
Recent Question:
External drainage hose connected, some water still going into bucket
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